Dermcare Natural Shampoo 500ml

₹ 1,455.62
NATURAL shampoo contains a unique blend of hypoallergenic and mild surfactants principally derived from coconut oil, which foams to gently cleanse the coat of dirt, irritants and allergens. NATURAL shampoo gently cleanses the skin without excessive removal of normal skin lipids. NATURAL shampoo contains moisturising factors and emollients, to control drying and to restore coat shine. NATURAL shampoo contains collagen protein, to repair hair structure that has been damaged by allergic and parasitic dermatitis. NATURAL shampoo is formulated for animal skin, from mild surfactants with correct pH balance and added moisturisers, emollients and protein coat repair systems. Directions for use: First wet the animal's coat, then apply NATURAL shampoo at several points and massage gently into the coat. A sponge may assist lathering. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat procedure for added coat lustre. After bathing dry the animal's coat.
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